Bacterial Cultures
We provide wide range of bacterial cultures for waste water degradation. Our Bacterial cultures are specifically tailor made for industrial effluent treatment, they can function in HIGH COD and TDS environments, we have our own specialized range of bacterial cultures both for anaerobic and aerobic treatment.

Antiscalents for RO Plant
Reverse Osmosis is at present a proven technology in world desalination scenario and contributing bulk quantum in global consumption for various applications. Today the impressive demand for desalination has been a major thrust for improvement and refinement of this technology.
The major problem with RO desalination plants and their application limitation is their susceptibility to fouling and scaling, the implications of which are usually irreversible membrane damage, reduced flux rates, & increased capital and operating costs. Therefore selection of a proper module configuration available for Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Odour Control Chemicals
We offer odour control chemicals that not only curb the existing odour, but also replace it with a fragrant and pleasant odour, we have many customers both in industrial and municipal markets, our odour control formula has found many users in local and international markets. Our Unique odour control formula consists of finely dispersed adsorbent polymers and a unique blend of aromatic oils, in an aqueous base.