Waste Water & Effluent Recycle Systems

Effluents before being disposed of either in river streams or on land, has generally to be treated, so as to make it safe. The degree of treatment required, however, depends upon the characteristics of the source of disposal. To take care of the water pollution caused due to industrial and pollution growth, effective and efficient waste water/effluent treatment systems are required.

Today industries are faced with major worries due to scarce & polluted water resources, stricter environmental compliance, ever increasing production costs & stringent quality demands. Interglobe can help you develop special process wise Waste Minimization & End of Pipe applications which can recover valuable raw materials, water & energy, eliminate your effluent headaches & most importantly reduce your costs tremendously.

We offer technically advanced Package effluent treatment systems that provide its user pre-engineered and pre-fabricated method of treating waste-water with an aerobic process. Our compact, self-contained systems require minimal maintenance and technical support. Our customers can avail these systems at very reasonable price.