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Shaping Road Safety

Interglobe recognizes the significance of safe and efficient traffic flow. We prioritize quality, safety, and durability in everything we do as a renowned firm of road marking services.

Hot Melt Thermoplastic Road Marking Material

Hot melt thermoplastic road marking resin, commonly known as thermoplastic coating,

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Cold Plastic Road Marking

Interglobe manufactures cold plastic road markings are a special blend of polymers, resins, and other materials that make them resistant to wear and tear.

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Water-based road marks

We are a leading supplier of water-based road marking products that provide superior durability, reflectivity, and visibility.

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Safety Marking Spheres

Interglobe introduced “LumiGlobe” also known as Glass beads which are considered to be an important component of road marking materials that...

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Roadmarking Tools & machines

As a top-ranking business in the road marking sector, we have manufactured the machinery and tools needed to produce distinctive and long-lasting road marking materials.

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Airport & Runway Marking paints

To comply with aviation safety regulations, particular runway, and airport marking paints are utilized. These paints are long-lasting, highly visible, and resistant to the harsh airport environment.

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Interglobe has manufactured its range of road marking primers which are high-adhesion primers for Thermoplastic Paint.

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Offering Standard Quality Marking Solutions

Interglobe Marking is a leading road marking resin manufacturing company that was incepted in the year 2018 by a group of Civil & Mechanical engineers dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. With years of industry expertise, we have established ourselves as a competent and trustworthy partner for clients looking for long-lasting road marking solutions.

We have a reputation for offering road markings of the finest grade and at a price that meets all requirements. We offer hot thermoplastic road marking service to Industries, Warehouses & Commercial Premises too with traditional dock marking, car parking, Walkways, Storage Areas, Parking Bays, Loading areas, Safety Assembly Points, etc.

Our highly skilled team is committed to delivering excellent results on every project involving the improvement of the safety and organization of highways, parking lots, airports, and more. To provide the greatest outcomes for every project, our team of experienced professionals relies on high-quality materials and cutting-edge equipment. Our specialization evolves around Road Lines, Pavement Markings, High Friction Surfacing, Thermoplastic Road Markings, Coloured Lines, Highway Road Markings, Sports Turf Markings, Health & Safety Markings, High-Speed Routes, Pedestrian Markings, Pedestrian Thermoplastic Paint, Road Prints, Edge Line Marking, Lane Marking, Road Paint, Road Painting, Road Stripping, and Road Marking Contractor.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to Interglobe. We collaborate extensively with our clients to understand their specific needs and adjust our products appropriately. We can handle anything from a basic parking lot marking to a large highway marking project.


Our Mission

The Company's idea of conducting activity is based on strong corporate values and ethics has been carefully and thoroughly integrated into the mission. The company's strategy is based on in-depth knowledge of customers' needs and expectations, with the aim of satisfying them by delivering expected results and commitments.


Our Vision

We are a highly regarded, professionally managed Company that believes in the satisfaction of our valued clients who trust us to deliver their cutting-edge work to the top. We plan, design and measure by our client's yardstick. We are fully committed to providing a clean, healthy and well-protected environment for all, supporting a sustainable economy and society.


What We Serve

At InterGlobe, we endeavor to deliver the finest performance and quality with best possible availability whilst optimizing costs. The solutions we provide will help you to abolish the environmental and societal risks along with the customer operations. Our experts will fully ensure the safety and the quality, built into everything, which we get from research and development along with engineering to the parts and services.

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April 10, 2023
1. Excellent visibility

Because of their unique reflective qualities, thermoplastic markers provide ultra-high visibility on the road and capture drivers' attention almost immediately. The primary purpose of thermoplastic road lines is to assist drivers in seeing and following road signage as well as maintaining lane control, which is especially essential in low-light situations and at night. However, because they lack retroreflective qualities, traffic lights, physical signage, and vertical markers in general do not always provide enough extra information or make the motorist more conscious of the risk.

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April 25, 2023
Types of road marking services
1. Thermoplastic road markings

Interglobe offers thermoplastic road markings that are highly durable and long-lasting. These markings are made from a mixture of plastic and glass beads, and are applied to the road using a heat gun. They are ideal for use on highways, airport runways, and other high-traffic areas.

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