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JANUARY 21, 2023

Benefits of Thermoplastic Roadmarking

1. Excellent visibility

Because of their unique reflective qualities, thermoplastic markers provide ultra-high visibility on the road and capture drivers' attention almost immediately. The primary purpose of thermoplastic road lines is to assist drivers in seeing and following road signage as well as maintaining lane control, which is especially essential in low-light situations and at night. However, because they lack retroreflective qualities, traffic lights, physical signage, and vertical markers in general do not always provide enough extra information or make the motorist more conscious of the risk.

MARCH 21, 2021

Types of road marking services

1. Thermoplastic road markings

Interglobe offers thermoplastic road markings that are highly durable and long-lasting. These markings are made from a mixture of plastic and glass beads, and are applied to the road using a heat gun. They are ideal for use on highways, airport runways, and other high-traffic areas.