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Hot melt thermoplastic road marking resin, commonly known as thermoplastic coating, is a form of road marking paint created from a combination of synthetic resins, pigments, glass beads, and other ingredients. It is heated to a liquid condition at 200°C before being applied to the road surface with specialized equipment. The paint is wear-resistant, reflective, and brilliant after cooling.

" Hot Melt Thermoplastic Road Marking Material Yellow produces a long-lasting and durable road marking that can survive the wear and strain of vehicle traffic and weather conditions. "

Thermoplastic road marking material is commonly utilized on highways, streets, parking lots, and other high-visibility places. It is recommended over other road marking paints due to its resistance to wear, cracking, and fading. Our thermoplastic materials are designed to withstand the diverse environmental conditions seen across the world.

Thermoplastic road marking paints are utilized in a range of applications such as parking lots and roadways. Interglobe marking manufactures and exports two popular road marking colors that are white and yellow. Yellow pigments mostly consist of heat-resistant yellow lead, whereas white pigments primarily consist of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and lithopone.

    Characteristics -
  • Adhesive Quality
  • Fast Drying
  • Reflectivity
  • Heat-resistant and color-resistant
  • Abrasion and weather resistance
  • Non Friction

Grades of Thermoplastic Roadmarking material

Interglobe introduces the commercial thermoplastic grade as “MarkGlobe” which is considered to be the most used road marking material in India. They are regarded as the best from a technological standpoint because of their reflectivity, robustness, luminosity, simplicity of use, and affordability. All public and private users choose thermoplastic road marking materials for usage as centerlines, edge lines, zebra crossings, speed breakers, etc. on bituminous and concrete roads and bridges.

Formulation apart from providing excellent visibility and durability, commercial-grade road marking paint is also environmentally friendly. They are free from harmful solvents and chemicals, making them safe to use and eco-friendly.

Thermoplastic road marking material BS:3262 which Interglobe introduces as “SpinGlobe” is a British Standard that consists of light-colored aggregate, pigment, and extender, bound together with aliphatic hydrocarbon resin plasticized with mineral oil. This standard specifies the minimum requirements for road marking paints, including color, retro-reflectivity, drying time, and durability.

These paints are available in a range of colors and types, including thermoplastic, water-based, and solvent-based paints.BS:3262 is crucial in ensuring road safety and traffic management. You can count on Interglobe as a reputable supplier, importer, and exporter that provides high-quality and reliable road marking products that comply with the necessary standards and requirements.

SpinGlobe Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials (BS 3262) are preferred by all government and private users for centreline, edge line, zebra crossing, speed breakers, etc. on both bituminous and concrete roads, highways, bridges, and motorways.

Interglobe introduces MORTH Thermoplastic Road Marking Material as "RaceGlobe”. It was manufactured under strict quality control standards and in full compliance with MoRTH 803.4 requirements by our highly skilled and incredibly experienced staff.

MORTH stands for the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. It is a government agency in India responsible for the development and maintenance of national highways, state highways, and other road networks in the country. When it comes to road marking, MORTH plays a crucial role in establishing guidelines and regulations for road marking across the country and Interglobe makes sure to follow the specifications of the same.