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As a top-ranking business in the road marking sector, we have manufactured the machinery and tools needed to produce distinctive and long-lasting road marking materials.

" Line stripers, sprayers, stencils, and pre-formed thermoplastic materials are some of these pieces of equipment. Line stripers are employed to draw straight lines on highways, parking lots, and other surfaces.. "

While In addition to using stencils to make specific patterns, arrows, or symbols on the road surface, spray guns are also used to apply paint or thermoplastic material. They are available with various nozzle sizes and kinds to provide optimum coverage and adherence.

Pre-formed thermoplastic materials are used to create raised markings, such as speed humps or crosswalks. These materials are pre-cut and designed for easy installation and durability.

Raised markings like crosswalks and speed bumps are made from pre-formed thermoplastic polymers. These materials are pre-cut and made to be durable and simple to install. Overall, Interglobe ensures that the equipment and tools used for manufacturing road markings are critical for producing clear, visible, and durable markings that guarantee road safety.